Some of us were not so fortunate to have a mother by our side as we grew up and interacted with the world.  For me, my paternal grandmother was my hero because she stepped in to fill the void, and provide the guidance a child needed to move forward. 

She taught me to look forward and not back, except momentarily to learn from my mistakes.  Because of her love and caring strength, I was later able to better interact with the world and to face the challenges of life as she did.  She showed me how a woman can be the foundation of a family and a true ‘superhero” in so many ways.

Today we give thanks to all you wonderful mothers who work very hard and give so much love and caring to your children.  It is your kindness and guidance that gives your children the balance needed to pursue and attain their dreams.  Mothers like you, who sacrifice so much, deserve our praise and admiration on your Special Day.

 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOMS.. May God Bless you!

About Howard Wand

Howard Wand is a former International Corporate executive, President & CEO of three successful corporations, and Chairman, and President of several non-profit organizations. He is the author of the non-fiction book - “ONE RULE.” - Simple Secrets to Success and Better Relationships. Order or review at: http://amzn.to/YndRUw. Two more books, one a fiction and the other a non-fiction are due in 2016. A book premise for all three can be found on his Author Page. He is also a songwriter (one used in a movie). Solutions, not excuses and results not apologies, are his motto. Follow him on his author Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
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