Happy Father’s Day


To all the deserving dads who have done so much.

Many of you will honor your fathers on this special day.  Others will honor their memory.

Here is my brief tribute to my dad who passed on many years ago.

“Thank you dad for everything you did, and the sacrifices you made raising two children as a single father.  You worked hard, had a good job, and were always there for me and my younger sister, who passed on and is now with you.  Work hard, be responsible, save your money, and show respect, were some of the values you instilled.  Many were included in my first book in your honor.  We learned to cook and clean, and to take care of ourselves.  You taught us that hard work and being responsible are more rewarding that complaining about how tough life can be. 

As a young man you often reminded me of the important things in life.  You once said:  “No man knows the hour of his ending, nor can he choose the manner or place of his going.  To each of us is given a life to live with honor and to pass on having left our mark.  It is important that we do our part and leave our children strong.  This is indeed the final measure of a man.” 

My hope was to be as good a father as you, a man I respected, admired, and loved.  May the good Lord reward you for the gifts you left behind, which are treasured each day.  You will always be with me.”  Your loving son, — Howard.

About Howard Wand

Howard Wand is a former International Corporate executive, President & CEO of three successful corporations, and Chairman, and President of several non-profit organizations. He is the author of the non-fiction book - “ONE RULE.” - Simple Secrets to Success and Better Relationships. Order or review at: http://amzn.to/YndRUw. Two more books, one a fiction and the other a non-fiction are due in 2016. A book premise for all three can be found on his Author Page. He is also a songwriter (one used in a movie). Solutions, not excuses and results not apologies, are his motto. Follow him on his author Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
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