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Howard WandHOW GRATEFUL ARE THE CHILDREN  –  by Howard Wand

                     Will They Step up When Needed?

Far too many kids today are waiting around wondering what their parents will leave them in their will.  They rarely ask the question: “What have I done lately for my parents?”

Some certainly do a lot to help, especially for older parents or those who are ill.  Unfortunately they are in the minority and should be the ones rewarded.  Most do little if anything except come for free dinners, gifts, cash financial help, college and other expenses. How often do they come to mow the lawns, split some wood, help with painting and home maintenance?  Those who live far away expect their parents to pay the plane fare, provide a car, and pay most of their expenses.  Instead of it being a loving family visit, it is a costly visit to the parents.  Some have the funds and don’t mind and may even insist on it, but the principal is the same. 

Children who do a lot to help their parents and in some respect give back for all they received, will make their parents proud.  Those who don’t should be viewed more objectively than through the eyes of a parent, especially a mom.  Fathers often set tougher standards, but a mom usually view her children as the youngsters she took care of for so long. 

It is up to the children to show their love by helping their parents wherever it is needed, and even when it’s not.  They should not idly stand around waiting for their parents to pass on, hoping they won’t run out of money during their senior years, and that something is left for them. 

Isn’t it time you took a fresh look at the needs of your parents?

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  1. Chris Petrone says:

    Howard -good solid stuff- created a mindful of “awareness”- reminds me a little of Golf- when things seem to be going wrong sometimes it means going back to basics- grip/swing/slow speed- the first “muscle memory/ habits- if you will that got me back on track!

  2. Robt Wilson says:

    Thanks for a great article. Very informative.

  3. Greta says:

    Hi, letting you know that I enjoy your articles and a great website. Have a great day,

  4. Louis says:

    Keep doing a fine job.. Learning a lot and appreciate yr info..

  5. Chester says:

    Like your articles and look forward to your next book.. Keep up the good work..

  6. Perry says:

    I especially liked your Bus Driver article.. very helpful. and Why do others Succeed is great food for thought for anyone. Good luck to you.

  7. Edward says:

    Hi Howard – I hope this post goes thru as previous one didn’t. Great article on yr blog and enjoy yr articles. Keep it up.

  8. Claudia says:

    Keep rocking… lol.. Your website has a lot of good info. I will contact you directly re songs.

  9. Stephanie Mullins says:

    Thank you for your wonderful insight, Howard. I needed this today…and probably every day. Much love!

  10. Bob Seldon says:

    Very well though out and presented!!!

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