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Eight Relationship Killers:  by Howard Wand

There are many reasons that partners have problems or break up.  Too often we are unaware of what things kill our relationship.  While others might exist, these eight problems represent the critical difference between keeping or losing someone you love. 

1.    Speaking rudely or disrespectfully to your partner

2.    Refusing to listen to anything he/she tells you.

3.    You are no longer fun to be around.

4.    Displaying Indifference or dismissive of their views or needs.

5.    Constant sourly, snapping, grumpy, or angry behavior.

6.    Frequent arguments break out over nothing.

7.    Major decisions made without partner input.

8.    Little or no respect for finances.

Each of these relationship killers breaks the “Rule of Respect”.  Without respect, there can be no true love, fun, or future.  If these relationship killers are present in your life, your partner will leave you, because there are no incentives for them to remain.  You may continue to live together in a pretend world, but it will be emptier than living alone.  Remove these negative traits from your relationship and from your life, and experience the love and joy that comes knocking at your door. 

Isn’t it time you got started to living a happier life?  What are your thoughts?


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  1. Bob Seldon says:

    Very well though out and presented!!!

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