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Who Am I  —  What is my Formula for Life?      By Howard Wand

Set aside some quiet time and wrote a response to this simple question.  Your eyes will be opened to who you really are, and the important values you represent.  Think of it as a portrait of how you hope others see you.  Reveal your true strengths, weaknesses, attitude on life, and temperament with which others must deal.  Write a perspective of who you are.

What you hear and see from a person every day is a good reflection of who they are. Basically “what you see is what you get.”  Is it a person who finds humor and laughter interacting with family and friends?  There is humor in most things we do if time is taken to notice and appreciate it.  Will people hear you lie or learn of your cheating on anyone?  It won’t take you long to discover that good people have little time for angry people, or those constantly complaining about everything.  A good formula for success is the S.I.U Formula.  “Suck it up!”  Instead of constantly complaining about how unfair life can be.  You get up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward.  Angry people are usually dissatisfied with themselves and take it out on family and friends closest to them.  That is the reason to avoid them.

Your strengths should include to ignore intentionally hurtful criticism and to always be tenacious.  You will always find critics in your life, some who negatively do so to bolster their own lack of self-esteem.  Your motto must be to ignore them and never take it personally.  Welcome constructive criticism, but ignore those with malice intent. If you lose your cool, you lose the argument and the respect of others.  Learn to convert an angry person into a friend.  You can do that if you merely listen.  Listening is not waiting for your turn to talk.  Listen and learn something about the other person.  They will willingly tell you what it takes to be successful with them

Communication is everything.  You lack maturity and civility if you cannot discuss your differences rationally.  You can only solve problems if you can talk about them in a rational manner.  Learn to control your emotions, and focus on the solutions rather than being right.  There is nothing less attractive than a whiner.

Tenacity is the secret to success for anyone.  That dogged determination to get the job done, and to succeed, regardless of the obstacles.  Too many people quit when they are close to success.  Success is never easy in anything, and unless you are willing to work hard for it, it will elude you.  Never give your choices to someone else, and always trust your instincts.  You know a lot more than you realize, and can learn more from your costly mistakes than your easy successes.

Try hard to be compassionate and to help those willing to help themselves.  There are times that the S.I.U. formula makes you less sensitive than you would like to be, and it is something to work on.  Here is my simple formula for a good life.

“No man knows the hour of his ending, nor can he choose the manner or place of his going.  Each of us is given a life to live with honor and to pass on having left our mark.  It is important to do our part, to leave our children strong, and to die proudly.  This is indeed the final measure of a man or woman.”  Live up to this formula every day.

As you go through life in any field of endeavor, you learn a lot about yourself and about relationships.  Only one rule really works – the “Rule of Respect”.  This applies to business and personal relationships.  Treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return.  It is more important to be respected than to be liked.  People may like anyone, but will respect only those who have earned it.  Another important lesson is to never take anything personally and to remember that it is not always about you.

Learning more and more each day about and from others and the world, makes you thankful.  You realize that perfection isn’t nearly as rewarding as the humility that comes from learning a little more each day.  It is a process you will truly enjoy.

Isn’t it time you start writing your own:  “Who Am I”.

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    Planning is everything and more is needed.

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    You captured setting our life goals and desires perfectly. Thank you for the list!

  3. Ricky says:

    Children today are more self centered and wondering what they will get rather than what they will give.

  4. Chris Petrone says:

    Howard -good solid stuff- created a mindful of “awareness”- reminds me a little of Golf- when things seem to be going wrong sometimes it means going back to basics- grip/swing/slow speed- the first “muscle memory/ habits- if you will that got me back on track!

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    I especially liked your Bus Driver article.. very helpful. and Why do others Succeed is great food for thought for anyone. Good luck to you.

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    Hi Howard – I hope this post goes thru as previous one didn’t. Great article on yr blog and enjoy yr articles. Keep it up.

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    Keep rocking… lol.. Your website has a lot of good info. I will contact you directly re songs.

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    Thank you for your wonderful insight, Howard. I needed this today…and probably every day. Much love!

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    Very well though out and presented!!!

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