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OUR DIVIDED MIND — Three Elements to a Peaceful Existence – by Howard Wand

Scientists have written books about the incredible function of the human mind.  It is as awesome as it is unique.  Is there a simple method to structuring the three basic elements of the mind?  If you like simplicity, this is it.

My father lived a very long and healthy life.  He succeeded in what he set out to do, never once complained, and lived life on his own terms. One day he decided to share his formula with me for a healthy stress free life.  He believed that a good life was much simpler than we realized. What he shared with me changed my life and contributed much to my personal success and happiness.

When you think of the enormous capacity of our mind, and how it controls so much of our waking and even sleeping hours, it can be confusing.  Therefore our objective should be to minimize the confusion so our mind is more efficiently working for us rather than against us, which happens all too often.  There are many departments and compartments of the mind all competing to control your consciousness.  It is so complex it is “mind boggling”.  As a result we struggle with our daily lives and are torn apart by all of the compartments trying to gain the forefront of our consciousness.  Our five senses are also constantly competing for control.  Actions, words, media, and other factors add to the confusion.  With so much coming at us today in our world of advanced technology and instant information, the competition for our consciousness can be overwhelming.  We experience mental overload and confusion rather than stability.  How can we take control and overcome the confusion?


If we try to control and manage all the compartments and departments of our mind, while maintaining some semblance of order over the important world of our health, we will find it difficult if not impossible to succeed. We can overcome it all by dividing our mind into three simple and controllable elements or departments, with a “director” to keep it flowing.  One part of our mind must focus on the items that need immediate attention, such as our work schedule to earn a living and build a career, paying the rent, raising a family, and many other important day-to-day functions.  Let’s put all of these under the “Today Department”.  Everything to do with these functions goes to that department and allows it to do its job.  We do not allow anything else to interfere with the Today Department so as to minimize confusion.


The second element has to do with the important needs of the future, such as planning for children’s college education, purchasing a home, retirement planning, long term career building, vacations, and the many other things that have to be planned for the future.  Let’s call that the “Tomorrow Department”.  Everything that comes into our mind that involves planning or action that affects things in our future gets directed to that department.  Allow it to handle everything without undue influence by any other departments.


The third element has to do with the important responsibility of health.  Let’s call that the “Health Department”.  The health department element of our mind focuses all its time and energy to keep our body healthy, insuring we remain strong and fit, and curing any disease that dares to enter our body.  Its job is to focus all its time and energy doing what most people do not realize it can do – fight off disease, repair any injuries, and maintaining a healthy fit body regardless of what exercise we do or don’t do.  It has the capacity to keep you healthy if you turn over the responsibility and believe it that department’s ability.  While it may sound strange to some people, the mind has a capacity beyond that which we understand.  It constantly under performs because we don’t give it the responsibility or the opportunity to fulfill its true capabilities.  Our mind currently has everything in so many departments and compartments that we do not have control.  The power of the mind is beyond the understanding of our scientists because it has never been compartmentalized using a simple formula.

To manage and direct these departments efficiently we need a director or administrator.  Let’s call this function the “Director” that insures each element is fulfilling its responsibility without interfering with the other element.  Your “Today Department” focuses on all of the administrative duties that you as a person and family man or woman need to accomplish on an immediate basis.  Your “Tomorrow Department) handles everything relative to the future.  Your “Health Department” puts forth its entire energy and abilities to maintaining your health and wellbeing so you can enjoy each and every day of your life without stress or worries, because each responsibility is being handled by its unique department, which wisely are few in number.

The “Director” funnels everything to the respective department of your mind, and does not allow them to overlap and/or confuse each other.  Whatever comes before you goes either to today, tomorrow, or health.  Any confusion is eliminated because the director is directing traffic every waking or sleeping moment.  The director has no “authority” over the other departments or elements, but merely directs the constant input to the property department.  The objective is to remove it from your conscious mind and allow each department to solve the problem, develop an action plan, or take whatever action is needed to insure your excellent health.

These three simple elements of your mind with their individual responsibilities can develop a much happier and healthier person than the mental confusion that exists today.  It won’t happen overnight, but will discipline and focus, you can separate everything that comes your way using the mediator to route the matter to one of the two departments.  There is no “Confusion Department” so you don’t allow for any confusion, or for anything to fall outside of one of these three departments.  While the formula is simple, it will take some effort and focus to restructure your mind into a more simplified format.  Once you do, you will begin to notice the dramatic change in how you handle everything that comes before you.  The formula will work, if you are willing to adopt it.

Isn’t it time you got started?

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    Planning is everything and more is needed.

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    You captured setting our life goals and desires perfectly. Thank you for the list!

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    Children today are more self centered and wondering what they will get rather than what they will give.

  4. Chris Petrone says:

    Howard -good solid stuff- created a mindful of “awareness”- reminds me a little of Golf- when things seem to be going wrong sometimes it means going back to basics- grip/swing/slow speed- the first “muscle memory/ habits- if you will that got me back on track!

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    Thank you for your wonderful insight, Howard. I needed this today…and probably every day. Much love!

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    Very well though out and presented!!!

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