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Howard WandThe Bus Driver  —  Take Control of Your Life.        By Howard Wand

Like others, you are occasionally overwhelmed by the many stressful things you face in your daily life.  Decisions, choices, and more decisions, can create confusion and stress.  It can even ruin your health.  How do you take control and put direction and peace into your life?

Taking control of anything is easier when you can readily identify the specific problems or players.  So much of life is intangible.  What does “my life” really mean in clear terms?  How do you identify a specific stressful situation?  They are all intangible concepts or forces.  Perhaps if they are converted into tangible forms, you could more easily identify and control them.  It is time to begin with the conversion of “your life” to “your bus”, and put you in the driver’s seat.

Think of your life as a bus, and you are the driver of that bus.  You alone decide when your bus leaves, where it goes, when it stops, who gets on, and who gets off.  If you know a specific person will cause problems for you and other passengers on your bus, you don’t allow them on.  If they are already on your bus, and become disruptive, you stop and order them off.  This also applies to frequent random thoughts that can clutter your mind.  You alone decide who stays and who goes.  It could be a friend, brother, sister, or even a parent.  If they create stress while on your bus, (your life) they are asked to leave to remove the stress.  It might include a boss or a job, a social group, or where you live.  You decide who or what stays or goes.

Have you ever complained that someone did this or that to you, or are creating a lot of stress for you?  In truth, you are to blame for allowing these people to be on your bus.  People can only put stress on you if you let them on your bus.  Otherwise, they cannot negatively affect you.  Your bus goes in the direction you choose.  At times you will change direction or even reverse course.  The choices are always yours to make.

The analogy of a “bus” representing “your life” might seem strange at first, but it puts important things and decisions into a tangible form that you can recognize and handle.  Any suitable analogy could be used.  You must be the driving force and in control as “The Bus Driver”, and CEO.  No one has more authority than you as to what happens on your bus and when.  Take control of your life by becoming “The Bus Driver”.  Isn’t it time you got started?

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    Very well though out and presented!!!

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