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WHY OTHERS DO WELL —   While you keep struggling

        By Howard WandHoward Wand

Do you ever wonder why others are doing so much better than you, yet have no more talent than you?  There is a simple step they have learned that propels them and makes work and life so much easier. Isn’t this step something you would like to include in your walk through life?

Too often we think that others are able to accomplish so much because they have some mental or physical ability above the rest of us.  They seem to work faster and better than you do.  Yet as you get to know them, you see no more talent than you possess.  Maybe their secret is less complicated than you realize.  They are not obsessed with their work, or at being better than others.  It is that added simple step that makes the difference.

ADD A SIMPLE STEP:  You can amass talent and productivity by adding the simple step called “habit”.  You have daily habits you give little thought to because you do them unconsciously.  As a result they require little effort or mental acuity.  Although you don’t need to mark them down as a reminder, your parents may have been the influence to developing habits such as to brush your teeth, make the bed, clean up your room, or do a daily assigned task.  You became very good at it because it was a routine that became a “habit” you knew and performed well with ease.

DAILY REMINDER:  If you are going to embark on new things in life, a reminder will initially be required.  You can use a large calendar that lets you check off each day that the new habit is performed.  The key is to do it every day and never break the “habit”.  If you want to accomplish something you must perform that assigned task every day until it becomes an easy habit.  You assign a time frame such as an hour a day to do it consistently.  If you are a writer, you agree to write so many words each and every day, regardless of where you are or other tasks before you.  Soon you’ll have a routine that becomes a habit you never break.

NOBODY IS PERFECT:   Nobody says your writing has to be excellent each day but you write for an hour and worry about upgrading the quality later.  It would be the same procedure for a song writer, or any other career choice.  It could be reading a law or medical book, or other career routine that improves your knowledge.  If you do it every day and never break your “routine” it becomes a “habit”.  A 365 hour “habit” per year eliminates confusion, procrastination, and makes you more productive without stress.  Your habit becomes your norm, and you happily do it every day.  You have programmed your mind not to break established routine, and your road to success becomes smooth and enjoyable.

A HABIT IS NOT WORK:  When a new habit is chosen and a routine established that you never break, it becomes natural and is performed unconsciously.  It’s not work, it’s a habit you enjoy doing without any reminder needed.  It isn’t important that every habit is performed to perfection every day because some days it is not possible.  What is important is that you follow your routine daily.  The results ultimately compound themselves because of your consistency.

This is how others seem to succeed so well with such little effort, because unknown to others, they have habits they routinely do every single day.

START SMALL:  It is not as difficult as it might sound.  Regardless of the project or objective you’ve chosen, time and a consistent routine, is the simple step to reach your goal  Start small and develop your first routine that becomes a habit.  As you have need for others, add them slowly and do them every day preferable at the same time.  The key is to maintain the chain of habits you established.  With just an hour a day, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish and the ease with which it will be done.

Isn’t it time you got started developing habits that put you on your road to incredible achievements?

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