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Howard Wand




“ONE RULE”   “Simple Secrets to Success and Better Relationships” 



Available in print or e-book on, at:    –  Read:  One Rule – Foreword

Check out this review:  RR Press Book Review – One Rule

SPECIAL NOTE:   — Check out his interview with Fiona Mcvie.  Read her interview with other authors   As a new author, it was a fun and appreciated experience.  

“Kincaid – One Man’s War” is an action/adventure fiction book — the first in a “Kincaid” “Series” – Due soon.   Click link : KINCAID One Man’s War Foreword

“The Collision Within!”    –  “Knowing What Matters” – Non-fiction – Conflicts about your goals, objectives, and future, can result in a collision of the forces within throwing you off course.  Control the forces – by knowing what matters in your life. Due soon.

Background & Experience:  –  International and domestic executive management positions, including President/CEO of three successful US Corporations. One corporation  provided security consultation and products to governments and corporations world wide. Background includes US Army veteran, and serving on many well known non-profit boards as Chairman, President, and/or Director.  Success and great relationships do not come easy, and his books and blog articles will share the secrets and the lessons learned.

Fun and Recreation:    Tennis is his recreational sport, along with bringing organized tennis to communities.

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