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Howard Wand




“ONE RULE”   “Simple Secrets to Success and Better Relationships” 



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SPECIAL NOTE:   — Check out his interview with Fiona Mcvie.  Read her interview with other authors   As a new author, it was a fun and appreciated experience.  

“Kincaid – One Man’s War” is an action/adventure fiction book — the first in a “Kincaid” “Series” – Due soon.   Click link : KINCAID One Man’s War Foreword

“The Collision Within!”    –  “Knowing What Matters” – Non-fiction – Conflicts about your goals, objectives, and future, can result in a collision of the forces within throwing you off course.  Control the forces – by knowing what matters in your life. Due soon.

Background & Experience:  –  International and domestic executive management positions, including President/CEO of three successful US Corporations. One corporation  provided security consultation and products to governments and corporations world-wide. Background includes US Army veteran, and serving on many well-known non-profit boards as Chairman, President, and/or Director.  Success and great relationships do not come easy, and his books and blog articles will share the secrets and the lessons learned.

Fun and Recreation:    Tennis is his recreational sport, along with bringing organized tennis to communities.

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