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Need lyrics for your music?  Please contact me  — “Country, Rock, Soft Rock, Ballads, Soul, Blues, or a song written to your  “Hook Line.”  

Song Demos  –   Below are my songs for your listening.   Especially enjoy “Queen of Baton Rouge” – used in a movie, and — “If That’s Not Love”

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DOIN’ WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’   Maybe what you are doing is right.  Click below and find out to this fast beat song…  (Music & Lyrics by Howard Wand)


“IF THAT’S NOT LOVE”  Lyrics/ Howard Wand – Music by Doug Davis –   Country.  Upbeat song.  Click link below.


Somewhere Love Got in the Way..  Pop Song – Lyrics & Music – Howard Wand — 


Queen of Baton Rouge  Click the title Link..  on the left.  Soft Rock (Used in a DVD movie) Lyrics: Howard Wand – Music: Gary Edwards –

“After The Glow is Gone”   Lyrics/Music – Howard Wand — A Love ballad that starts out slow, and keeps picking up the beat..


Here is a song “The New America” regarding the current situation in America.

 (Click “arrow” below) Lyrics:  Howard Wand  — Music: Gary Edwards


Check the Author Page for info on my books:   “One Rule” – “The Collision Within” & Action/adventure Kincaid – “One Man’s War”.  Due out soon.

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    Thank you for the interesting posts you make and the fine songs. You should post them more frequently. Good luck!

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    I enjoy your good posts and those are excellent songs you have. Keep going. As your song says “keep doing what you’re doing…”

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    Now if one would want to know what I think….. I’d say fantastic… great songs and worth a listen.

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    Hello Howard — I hope you are well and appreciate your new tips and articles. It seems a writer has to do so much with a web site, social media (3 or 4 that most use), and other outlets to keep filled. You have a great Facebook page that seems active. You deserve success and hope it comes you way..

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    The cold weather here gives me time to catch on with my blog reading.. lol.. Always enjoy your posts… and your songs were worth exploring and I enjoy listening to them. I have shared them with some friends. Have a nice week.

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    I really dig many of your songs. Nice lyrics and beat.. I assume your are promoting your work but realize you do a lot of things. I have read your posts and intend on picking up a copy of your book. Keep those songs coming because I’m sure you have more.

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    I listened to a number of your songs after reading a few articles. I was pleasantly surprised. Solid lyrics and music with decent demos. Keep working on them and get yr songs out there.

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    • Howard Wand says:

      Thank you.. I’m a bit disappointed with myself for not doing more with them, but only so much time exists. I do plan to turn some over to a song consultant to see what results are possible.

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    Enjoying your songwriter page and also the good posts on your commentary page. Your posts always get me thinking about your subject.

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